Floating by on a gentle breeze and stopping only temporarily during their brief journey, seeing a butterfly is a joy. Capturing their beauty on film is tremendous honor.

A beautiful bloom is always in season and on film, it will never fade. A glorious flower reaching skyward is simple beauty on display for all to see.

When I take photos, I don't want to simply take what I see before me and put it on film. Rather, I want to embrace the feeling that the scene is giving me and create an artistic impression that I can share with the viewer.
Here are just a few impressions...


All Creatures Great and Small

I have a weak spot for animals. Large or small, furred or feathered, I love them all. It is always a thrill when I am able to gain the trust of the animal long enough to be able to photograph it.


I have a background in interior design and architecture so it is only natural that I have an affinity for the shapes and lines that are presented in architectural photos.


Special Effects

It is always fun to add a personal touch to a picture. Altering colors, shifting the focus, or adding a border can make the photo a unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake.

There are times when the scene calls for the simplicity of black & white.