Stylized Shots

Special events are truly one of those times we wish we could put in a bottle and save forever. Once the day has arrived and the rush is on, all becomes a blur and the moment is gone too fast. Soon only faded memories remain. It is so important to record the occasion for those involved and those who couldn't be there. I've never heard anyone say they wish they hadn't taken so many photos of "the day", but I've often heard regrets expressed including the words "I wish", "I missed that", or "we should have". Don't let your special celebration pass by without capturing the memories forever.

Edgy photos are creative, artistic, and fun to shoot. These aren't the average traditional photos that many people expect when they book a portrait session. These photos are more adventurous, sometimes darker, and often moody. These photos are for those who are looking to express their individuality and make a statement.

Everyone has had the dream of being a model at least once. When the camera comes out, so does the imagination. I enjoy the process of helping my models reach their full potential in front of the lens and creating a series of shots that bring the fashion pages to life.

There are times that call for composure and a serious mood. Then...there are times when we need to cut loose! Welcome to a behind the scenes peek at what happens when we are setting up a shot. As you will see, it's not all serious, and often, it's actually quite silly!

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