Abstract Distraction

I admit it. I am easily distracted. I like sparkly things that call my name. Although, many of those "things" that call me are not your conventional shiny baubles. I always look at the world from a different angle. It is very rare that I will look at an object and see what everyone else sees. I think this is true for most artists. (It must be that whole right-brain/left-brain thing.) It is with curiosity and a need to create that I will stand and take in a scene (for what seems like an eternity to anyone waiting on me, I'm sure) and envision what it could be, rather than what is laid out before me. And I will often will review my photos with that same critical eye, wondering what I can devise out of what is really there.

This collection of photos has no particular order, no rhyme or reason, no exclusive theme. It is simply my imagination brought to life. This is a special collection that sheds a tiny bit of insight on my mind. Some may see it as quirky (I prefer quirky to other terms I've heard) but I like to think of it as my inner child escaping. The colors range from vivid and off-kilter to slightly shady. The subjects are all over the place. Some are photos of abstract objects; other pieces are creations of an imaginary world, based in the world of photography. All the pieces began life as a photograph. Some photos just evolved further than others.

The one thing all the art in this collection has in common is that it is 100% me.