Pop Corn

When is food more than something to eat? When you take the time to do more than look at an object; when you delve deeper and actually study it, the beauty that had been overlooked becomes unmistakable. Suddenly, the playful curves of the husk that had so valiantly protected the corn as it grew twirled in front of me as if they wanted to dance. The kernels cascaded down the cob in complete disarray, not following the straight and narrow at all. It called out to be photographed and to show that even food can have a touch of whimsy. Please enjoy the journey of a humble ear of corn on it's way to becoming "Pop Corn".


New Arrival

In less than one week, my tiny palm tree more that doubled in size. From the moment I spied the long spindly arms reaching out of the heart of the palm, I was mesmerized. The creature-like appendages were breaking free from their confines and putting on an artistic display for all to see. The sequence below heralds the arrival of the new fronds from soft, fuzzy, and entwined to tall fully developed arms swaying proudly in the wind.



The deep gaze. Penetrating. Reflective. Intense.
It would be nice to think that the old saying that the eyes are the window to the soul was true. However, I'm not convinced this is always the case. Do we really claim to know what others are thinking simply based on a picture? Are we, the viewers and not the confidant of the model, simply projecting our beliefs upon someone else? I've worked with this model countless times, yet I'm still not certain what was going on behind the curtain in his mind. I'm just glad I captured the expressiveness of it all.


Yard Art

The unspoiled new palm fronds create a striking representation of playful lines and velvety textures resulting in a delightfully abstract, albeit temporary, work of art.

I say it all the time. The little details in life are often overlooked during the process of going about our daily activities. I spend a dizzying amount of time reiterating this belief of mine. Yet, as I was walking out my own front door this week, I looked to the side and was treated to a most beautiful sight already in progress. The heart of the palm tree next to the entrance was filled with new growth. These young fronds reaching for the sky were climbing out of the tree like newborns stretching upward for their mother. By the time I spied these new arms, they were already beginning the process of unraveling, revealing the tiny intricate spirals of individual leaves. I missed the chance to witness the explosion of buds as they first greeted the day. I didn't follow my own advice, and that makes me sad. This instance renews my belief in the fact we all need to slow down and take time to appreciate the beauty that is all around us.