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Scheduling a photo session with me is easy. When we meet, we'll discuss what type of photos you have visualized. Together, we can create a session that will be unique to you and your tastes, a distinctive keepsake that you will be proud to share with your loved ones. It's simple, just send me an email to get the process started.

My style of photography is best described as individualized. I approach each subject as an original with unique characteristics. No two people are the same, so no two photo sessions are the same. I tailor each session to the individual and the traits that they would like to highlight and share. My goal is to have fun while taking photos so that the real personality is seen through the lens. I always want my models to feel comfortable and free to be themselves. I encourage silly behavior and laughter, because they are what lead to the real smiles.

Are you looking for a family portrait, senior pictures, or maybe a glamour shot? Do you need head shots for your business, or do you want to freeze time and capture the special moments in your little one's life? When you contact Designs by DonnElle, I'll meet with you to set up a shoot that is unique to you and your needs. I will work with you to achieve the photos that will be meaningful to you and your family. I prefer natural light in organic, outdoor settings, and we will discuss locations that will create the beautiful backdrop that is uniquely you. A memorable location will enhance the meaning of the photos in the years to come.

I like to make sure that all models know they are special and enjoy their session. I want the models to be comfortable so they feel free to be themselves. I strive to ensure that all models are having fun which in turn will reflect in the lens. When there is happiness on the shoot, there are beautiful faces and smiling eyes depicted in the final photos.

My philosophy while on a shoot is not only to capture the beauty of the subject, but also the essence. A beautiful portrait is always in style and a great heirloom. However, the value of a genuine smile caught on camera can not be emphasized enough. A tender moment between a parent and child, the sideways glance of a couple in love, the giggle shared by teenagers enjoying the day...these are the moments that truly translate into priceless memories.

I strive to capture moments, because these split seconds become the cherished memories in the years to come. I believe no one can have too many photos of their loved ones and the important places in their lives.

My shoots are highly stylized. I like to give everyone involved individual attention that will bring out the best in them. In order to ensure that all the models are treated as the stars of the show, my shoots are generally limited to six or fewer individuals per session. There may be exceptions if the immediate family size exceeds six but I don't do family portraits on a large scale such as reunions or weddings. Please contact me for further information or with any question you may have.

The best way to contact me is via email. When I am shooting, I give my full attention to the models, and many locations don't get cell service. I will always do my best to answer all inquiries within 48 hours, and normally it is much sooner.

Leslie DonnElle
Owner / Photographer