Winter In Las Vegas

In my world, any time is a good time to be in Las Vegas. I live in the desert, so personally, I love it hot and can't think of a better time than summer to visit a city that celebrates the heat with elaborate pool parties.

On the other hand, it is a completely different experience to visit in the winter. The climate is mild and the strip is still bustling. Since the sun continues to shine and there is rarely any snow, the city that prides itself on replicating other parts of the world pulls out all the stops to ensure a winter feeling envelopes the visitors. The lighting is lower, the shadows are longer, and colors are muted, completely opposite of the bright, vivid hues of summer.

We all know that the main focus of Las Vegas casinos is gambling, of course. However, in this new era of Las Vegas, it isn't the only attention-grabber. Casinos go out of their way to entice visitors by distinguishing themselves from other establishments. On a stroll through the various properties, you are reminded that it is winter outside in hopes that you will want to stay indoors.


The Lone Pine Cone

I loved the pine cone sitting in the crux of the branches, all alone, catching the morning rays of sunlight.


In the desert, every drop of water is precious. All living things have learned to adapt to the often unforgiving conditions by any means possible. This tiny bud looks skyward in hopes of capturing the last remaining condensation on the outstretched arm of the protective grasses that surround the blooms.


Illuminated Foliole

I never imagined that grass could be art. I was wrong. These long blades are clean & simplistic, yet elegant.


Ice Princess

I absolutely love birds. The freedom. The gracefulness. Peacocks have a cool aloofness and an almost architectural shape that lends itself to art.


Year of the Dragon

I know it isn't conventional, but I love reptiles. Snakes, lizards, crocodiles...they all fascinate me. So naturally I had to attend the celebrations for the Year of the Dragon. Here are some sights from the celebration of the new year 2012.
I was inspired by the beautiful colors & intricate details in the decor. Please take a deep breath & join me in the zen garden.
These are some of the cool moments I encountered while immersing myself in the festivities.