New ETSY feature

Etsy Marketplace has created a new page for all the artist to showcase their stores and give shoppers a little insight into creative force behind the products. It is a nice way to drive home the personal touch that makes buying handmade items directly from the artist more rewarding than big box shopping. Of course, mass production has a place & time, but when you are looking to give a gift or decorate your private sanctuary, it is always more fun when items have a story behind them.
There are countless great artisans on Etsy! If you have never checked it out, I highly suggest you go online for a visit. (My favorite...the oh-so-fun & completely unique vintage clothing & jewelry pieces at awesome prices!!! It must be the artist in me, I have always had the need to wear something that I will not see on another person.)
Here is my page if you would like to stop by. I would love to hear what you think, so please leave any comments if you would care to...

This was the first photo I ever had published. It was only in the local paper, but it was enough to give me the encouragement I needed to continue to pursue my passion in photography.
This was a fun self-portrait on location with one of my favorite models!

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