Childs Play

Trying to capture a child for a portrait is a lot like trying follow a hummingbird. I love to shoot them in settings that they find fun and where they will feel comfortable, like a park. However, in an area filled with so many distractions, finding the right moment to shoot can prove next to impossible. That's why I choose to simply follow them as they do what comes natural: play. I keep shooting as the run and jump, and very often they will turn to see if they are still be watched. As they turn, I snap away and come up with a natural, happy smile.

Snapping away as they continue to run not only helps keep the child happy and relaxed, but the exuberance then translates into priceless memories that will truly freeze that particular moment in time forever. Time moves oh so fast, and these simple days are fleeting. Candid photos are such extra special and the ones I truly love the best.

Occasionally, the child will slow down long enough to pose with Mom or Dad. Magic. Just magic.

I love sports. I love the action, the teamwork, the drama. Being able to record the action as it plays out in front of me, the personal highs that go along with a win, or the emotions that overtake the player after a loss, is so important because often those involved are to wrapped up in the competition to take it all in.