The Wedding Invitation

It used to be that as soon as the invitation arrived, you knew what to expect. There will be a traditional ceremony in the chapel, time spent waiting around while the formal portraits are taken, and then off to a nearby restaurant for a reception. Ho hum. But...times have changed. Weddings today are as unique & individualized as the couples themselves. Indoors, outdoors, formal or casual; anything goes! Anything, except conventional & stodgy that is! Today fun & festive are the only rules. When meeting with the photographer, it is critical that candid photos are included as part of the finished product. It is only through these genuine photos that true emotions and honest moments are revealed & captured for eternity. I hope you will accept your invitation with joy and RSVP the following "virtual" reception. Enjoy!


Las Vegas: A Glimpse of the Desert Jewel

I love learning new things. I recently discovered how to create a slide show. I know I'm a little late to this (technology) party, but...better to be fashionably late than to miss it altogether. I hope you enjoy the virtual vacation to Las Vegas as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Summer Kick Off

It's June! Summer is here! It is time for playing in the water! As a warm (or actually HOT) weather lover, this is my favorite time of year! Living in the desert isn't exactly conducive to water sports but we manage. A recent trip to the Colorado River provided plenty of fun in the sun!

One of my favorite sights was the bird debating whether or not to risk going to the beach without a lifeguard.