Fallen Giants

I've always been fascinated by the majestic saguaros that dominate the Arizona landscape. They aren't found anywhere else in the world. They stand tall as the guardians of the vast desert. Even in death they are protective, their sharp needles laying at their base, keeping anyone who would dare harm the still standing skeletons at a distance.



I have always been drawn to the sunny side of life. Whether it is the glimmer of a new bud transforming into a perfect bloom, the beauty of a butterfly gliding by as its wings glisten in the light, or going outside to greet the sun itself, I like to surround myself with all things bright and cheery. Color makes me happy. "Happy" is my favorite emotion; it makes me feel empowered and ready to tackle the world. And I believe emotions along with their subsequent reactions are what drive me to capture the even the simple moments. This collection of color represents all that engaging in life.



It's no secret that I love to keep things bright. On the flip side, I love expressionism in all forms. There are times when the moment the photo captures will call for a more restrained representation. Richer in tone, often moody, sometimes modern and refined. The lack of color can convey a feeling deeper than the most intense hue. As has been said countless times...sometimes silence does speak louder than words.



Many times, far too many to count, there is a split second that presents itself differently than anything that has come before it. And, I know in my heart, the chance to to witness it again will never be. It is in that instant that I make the decision to capture the scene. This is just my way of attempting to make time stand still. Days go by and time forgets, but having the ability to reflect back on an image that was a once-in-a-lifetime moment in later years is what photography is all about.