It's Friday!

It's finally spring. It's warm and sunny, and time to think about the weekend! Is it time to present a rose to your special someone and ask if they would like to spend a little time with you? This intriguing close up of a soft pink rose is sure to awaken their romantic side and spark an answer of yes!


Images from a gallery....

I am so proud to announce that these two Designs By DonnElle original pieces are hanging in a Chicago-area gallery for the month of March!


Happy Thursday!

Everyone always seems to wait for a special occasion to send flowers. I ask why?!? I think Thursday is pretty special all on it’s own. In life, every day you are blessed to wake up and get out of bed is reason enough to celebrate. And don’t forget to give thanks! And send someone special flowers! Even if that bouquet is “virtual”, they will still be touched that you thought of them. So go out there and spread some happiness!


Not Just Another Line

Las Vegas is all about clubs and we've all heard plenty of cheesy lines out there. However, in this collection, the lines are more literal, forming the shapes and and sights that create a unique tourist destination.


Roses Exposed

We are all familiar with roses. They are beautiful. They are romantic. The petals are soft and delicate. An eternal symbol of love. They have become the flower to give when you truly want to show you care.

But have you ever stopped to look at the structure of the bloom? The contours are so pretty, almost architectural in shape. They twist and intertwine creating a perfect base from which the bud emerges. I decided to accent the leaves and shine a spotlight on roses from another angle. My hope is that this series emphasizes a new way to see the elegant rose.


Gentle Breeze

This delicate dandelion began losing it's tiny seedlings as the wind gently rocked the bloom while I was setting up this shot. The wispy adventurers were about to set off on their journey but I was blessed to be able to capture them before they were swept away. It can be said that dandelions are a nuisance, but I prefer to think of it as witnessing the life cycle come the full circle.


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