Leap of Faith

And we're off! You know the old saying "when it rains, it pours". I always thought that had negative connotations (of course that was probably just me projecting my suspicious nature on an otherwise innocuous phrase), but I have discovered that it can in fact be a good thing. After months of toiling away in my own little world, quietly creating & cultivating my own style of art, it seems the skies have opened and suddenly my works are out for everyone to see. It is slightly intimidating to leap from a serene private artists life one day into a bustling, vibrant whirlwind that is the art scene. I am an observer. I study my surroundings, taking in minute details that usually escape unnoticed. I like to work in the background, sharing a view of ordinary days in unexpected ways through my art. It is a scary day when I have to present my vision to the world. I am letting go of my creations, and laying them before the critics. It is exposing my inner soul. But, the moment has come. It is time to put myself out there. Time to take a leap of faith.
There are new horizons to conquer. There are new experiences to be had. It is time to venture out and see what the future holds. I embrace the upcoming challenges and I'm looking forward to new endeavors. A change of scenery is always a welcome change.

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