Magic is in the Air

Prom is a rite of passage in so many young lives.
Beautiful dresses sparkle in the soft lighting as music fills the air. 
The soft scent of flowers perfume the air while the showy petals decorate wrists and lapels.
The sweet smiles radiate from the faces of youth and eyes light up at the thought of what lies ahead and endless possibilities. It is a magical night, one last split second of innocence. 
Art is such a subjective term. What constitutes "art"? Art is around us all the time; however, in our rush to get through our daily lives we often overlook what is right before us. I believe everyday moments are perfect opportunities to create a personalized memento that is more than just a portrait. When I photograph people, I want to take the time to see beyond the obvious, go deeper that smiles and capture the essence that makes the person unique. 
We surround ourselves with art in our homes that fulfill us emotionally. We need a connection to the art that makes us feel something. We should look at our need for art from a different angle. 
My question is why does that piece need to be generic; a store-bought trinket that while pretty, does not hold a special place in our heart? Instead, we should envelop ourselves in genuine pieces that we hold dear and tell all visitors who we are and what we we cherish.
When is a photo more than a framed reminder of the time we got together and had a picture taken? A photo that tells a story, reminds us of "that time" and is finished with a delicate touch that transforms it into art.


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