New Arrivals Brighten The Season

These fuzzy swans herald the arrival of spring!
Spring is definitely my favorite time of year. While it may be cooler than I prefer, (I am a true desert dweller, I really do love it when the temps reach the 110's! Yes, really!) it is the optimistic time of year. It is a brief moment when all things are possible.

I know it is very cliched to say, but with the arrival of spring, it truly is as if a new beginning is laid out before us. The temperatures begin to climb so we all start to head outside. We trade the stale air of our closed up dwellings in search of the sweet aromas that have alighted on the soft breeze. We watch in wonder as the birds dance on air while trying to impress their potential mate. We discover the tiny blades of grass that have pushed their way to the surface. We gaze upon the emerging blooms as they unfurl atop the proud stalks that wave them like a banner. We explore the gardens filled with a kaleidoscope of colors with a mild trepidation, making sure to stay out of the way of the buzzing creatures who are staking their claim on each pollen-filled blossom. Yes, spring is truly magical.
A young sprout greets the day with open arms.
It's true. There are flowers in the desert.
A major part of the allure is the joy I get in witnessing all the quiet moments of new life that are developing before my eyes. I sit transfixed when the diminutive babies of the backyard begin making their first appearances. I'm not picky, I love all of them...furry, feathered, or covered in scales.
This little guy was too young to have any fear. He ran up to greet me as I entered his home.

It is difficult to see, but this mama was protecting her chick by shielding it behind an outstretched wing.
Mom stashed this juvenile mockingbird in the protective camouflage of the tree.
When it was time for breakfast, mom came back to make sure her baby would have plenty to eat.

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